Hilleberg have been making top-quality tents for years, built around their key principles of: reliability, ease of use, comfort, versatility & durability.

This means a tent that you can pitch easily, even in high winds, in the dark, alone, and while wearing heavy gloves; it means being able to depend on your tent, no matter what.

These tents are dependable shelters for camping & wilderness travel and are definitely built to last. Being able to pitch flysheet first is a real bonus in wet weather!

The range is colour-coded: Black Label tents having the heaviest & most robust construction, Yellow Label being lighter 3-season tents, and Red Label covering everything inbetween.

Explore our website for the biggest range of Hillberg tents available in the UK or visit our store in Keswick to pitch one for yourself and check how it would meet your camping needs.

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Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL Green thumbnail
Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL Green
price £215.00
Hilleberg Tarp 10 XP Tarp Green thumbnail
Hilleberg Tarp 10 XP Tarp Green
price £180.00
Hilleberg Tarp 20 UL Green thumbnail
Hilleberg Tarp 20 UL Green
price £355.00
Hilleberg Tarp 20 XP Green thumbnail
Hilleberg Tarp 20 XP Green
price £300.00
Hilleberg Tarp 5 Green thumbnail
Hilleberg Tarp 5 Green
price £170.00
Hilleberg Tarp Spare/Accessory Pole thumbnail
Hilleberg Tarp Spare/Accessory Pole
price £64.00
Hilleberg Tent  Akto Green thumbnail
Hilleberg Tent Akto Green
price £585.00
Hilleberg Tent  Akto Red thumbnail
Hilleberg Tent Akto Red
price £585.00
Hilleberg Tent  Akto Sand thumbnail
Hilleberg Tent Akto Sand
price £585.00
Hilleberg Tent  Allak Green thumbnail
Hilleberg Tent Allak Green
price £995.00
Hilleberg Tent  Allak Red thumbnail
Hilleberg Tent Allak Red
price £995.00
Hilleberg Tent  Allak Sand thumbnail
Hilleberg Tent Allak Sand
price £995.00
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