Helinox is a bright new star on the outdoor adventure equipment scene - but with a long and highly-respected history.

Never had the room to carry a camp chair? Struggling with the thought of heavy & cumbersome chairs? Small pack size is feature common to all Helinox chairs. For carrying a chair in a rucksack or pannier, Chair Zero has a packed length just 35 cm and weighs only 510 g. Rest your back - Helinox chairs offer previously unthinkable comfort for the hiker, biker, kayaker or touring motorcyclist!

For more than 20 years, DAC technology has made possible outdoor equipment that is stronger, lighter and more functional.

Most quality backpacking tents will have strong, light DAC alloy poles. At Helinox, the search for environmentally responsible production methods led to 'Green Anodizing', a protective colour coating for TH72M aluminum alloy that doesn't use harmful acids.

Helinox innovations reflect input from the world’s most active and experienced outdoor adventurers refined by the brightest and most experienced engineers and designers in the business.

Helinox is a group of people who love nature, care for nature and enjoy the outdoors. The Helinox team like to hear from you. Please contact them, they are innovators – they love new ideas!

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Helinox Camping Chair One Black/Blue thumbnail
Helinox Camping Chair One Black/Blue
price £85.00
Helinox Camping Chair Sunset Black thumbnail
Helinox Camping Chair Sunset Black
price £130.00
Helinox Camping Chair Zero Black/Blue thumbnail
Helinox Camping Chair Zero Black/Blue
price £105.00
Helinox Swivel Chair Green thumbnail
Helinox Swivel Chair Green
RRP £120.00 price £80.00
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