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Fjall Raven Knee Pads Adjustable

Fjall Raven Knee Pads Adjustable ( 13U7005A )


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Knee pads to use in Fjallraven trousers with knee pad pockets.

Pre-shaped for best protection and fit.
Embossed cutlines for personal size adjustment.
Fit trousers with special pockets for knee pads.

If you are often on your knees around camp and in the outdoors, these knee protectors are a must. For use with trousers that have a special pocket so you can put them in or take them out whenever you like. You will probably soon find that you will never take them out since they are flexible and comfortable.

Weight: 50 g
Material: 100% EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

Fjall Raven Knee Pads 79104 Adjustable

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