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Hilleberg Tarp XP 10 Tarp/Canopy Green

Hilleberg Tarp XP 10 ( 1514A )


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For the superlight camping option or to add a roomy and dry porch.

A tarp is the perfect piece of equipment when you want to keep yourself and your equipment dry but want to retain access to all the views and scents mother nature has to offer. 

Hilleberg tarps are unbeatable when the perpetually present thoughts about weight and durability are to be considered - this is where Hilleberg products shine brightly. 

This tarp displays extreme durability and strength, with dimensions 3.5 x 2.9 m/11.5 x 9.5 ft it is ideal for two people and their equipment, as rain protection for a small group sitting underneath it or as an extra canopy in front of your Hilleberg tent.

PLEASE note that none of our tarps come with poles supplied - these pictures are for illustration only. With care and imagination, you can use walking poles, trees, walls, tents, cars, motorbikes, caravans, buildings, canoes & paddles and all manner of things to support your tarp!

Construction: Silicone coated polyester. Tear strength approx. 14 kg.
Colour: Green
Weight: 0.96kg
Dimensions : 3.5 x 2.9m / 11.5ft x 9.5ft

Explore our website for the largest range of Hilleberg tents in the UK, or visit our store in Keswick to pitch one for yourself and see how it would meet your camping needs.

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