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LifeSystems Expedition EX-4 Permethrin for Fabrics

LifeSystems Expedition EX-4 Permethrin for Fabrics ( 6350 )


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X4 Anti-Mosquito clothing treatment provides long-lasting and durable protection for use on textiles e.g. on clothing, tents, sun shelters or rucksacks. EX4 can be used as one of a series of measures designed to protect against tropical diseases like Malaria, Dengue Fever and West Nile Virus. The treatment is sprayed onto the textile and will stay in place for several washes. One bottle treats approximately 3.5 square metres of fabric.

Dimensions: 210 x 85mm
Weight: 330g
Active Ingredient: Permethrin
Treats: Up to 3.5 square metres of fabric
Volume: 350ml
Effective against:
Mosquitoes and other biting insects.
Useage: Can be used to treat clothing, tents, mosquito nets, blankets and sleeping bags.

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